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Design Vision

Eliminate unnecessary noise, and tackiness to design a watchface with intentional, purposeful elements. The watchface needs to be sleek enough in a professional environment, yet functional enough for a fitness mindset.




A premium watchface for dogecoin / doge enthusiasts, but the best part of all, it's completely free!

Features a metric sidebar (steps, calories, distance, & battery), real-time dogecoin price, and color customizations



Inspired by the raw forms and shapes of the things around us

Features metric sidebar (steps, calories, distance, & battery), and 51+ color choices



Neon traced fonts for a retro feel.

Features metric sidebar (steps, calories, distance, & date), and various color choices



Minimally focused only on the time and the date, but stats available when needed

Features quick tap metric sidebar (steps, calories, distance, & battery), and 51+ color choices



Melt with the times with a funky, ecletic style of this clockface.

Features quick tap metric sidebar (steps, calories, and distance), and 51+ color choices



A simple and highly customizable watch face focused solely on time, but with a tap it unlocks all of your other metrics.

Features metric sidebar (steps, calories, and distance), and 51+ color choices



A clean clockface designed for the commuter in mind. Commuter is focused on providing a general overview of youur day, while only showing the essentials.

Features agenda syncing, fitness metrics (steps, calories, distance), and 6 preset themes.



A modern Fitbit watchface designed to tackle the daily grind.

Features calendar event syncing, informative fitness metrics (current, average, and previous), and a dual view.



A minimalistic Fitbit watchface inspired by the notion that "less is more".

Features 21 customizable bright colors, a unique battery bar design, and clean fonts.



A watchface inspired by the calm, yet mesmerizing tides. A perfect look for the summer.

Features 4 breathtaking top-down backgrounds of the coast, 21 vivid color choices, and a two stat layout.



A Fitbit watchface inspired by the drifting moments of life and adventure. Drift is focused on putting the things that matter to you, on your watch.

Features custom photo upload, customizable colors, battery bar, and a dual stats layout.



A Fitbit clockface designed with hefty characteristics for bold movers.

Features thick, bold fonts, 21 bright colors, tappable stats, and a toggleable battery bar.

Doraibu / ドライブ


A Fitbit watchface inspired by the indescribable feeling of being behind the wheel. This is meant for the inner gear head, and JDM lover.

Features 21 customizable colors, 5 car inspired backgrounds, custom image support, and tappable stats.



A Fitbit clockface inspired by the timeless moments captured on an instant camera. Prism, allows you to put your precious moments in focus.

Features up to 3 custom photos, 21 customizable colors, eye-catching animations, and tappable stats.



A Fitbit watchface inspired by the era of print design, interpreted into digital form. Aside from a clean aesthetic, this watchface has reinforcing positive affirmations as you get closer to your fitness goals.

Features over 21 variations of colors to create themes, tappable stats, and fitness progress bars.



A Fitbit clockface meant to be minimal, yet striking. It's the perfect aesthetic to wear for a casual gathering, or a professional meeting.

Features two modes (HR/Calories and Steps/Date), 5 background images, and seamless animations.

Funky Pop


A Fitbit clockface designed arond a vibrant and colorful palette. A perfect compliment for the days you need an extra bit of color in your life.

Features two views (minimal or heavy stats), and 4 radiating backgrounds.


Shoe Hero


Let's you manage and track the remaining life of your shoes, all within your Fitbit!



An interactive way to show high contrast images to help simulate brain and visual activity for baby. Sensory makes it easy to engage with baby all within arms reach.

K-Pay Dash

Free - Open-Source

A simple and quick app for made for Fitbit developers to quickly check their K-Pay summary statements.


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